Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Sur Les Traces De Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

15 October 2011

They really hope they’ll keep being the most semi-professional music group in the world, so do we. Phoenix may easily be the best well-known rock-pop French group of the history. The four Versailles kids (Thomas Mars, Deck d’Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz) who’ve always stick together as a band and above all as a group of friends… not allowing the Sofia Coppola soundtrack wave (they truly became massive after her LIT) or the Grammy award for their newest album mar their big heads.

So even if I admit having tinily criticized their latest album when it came out, the Philippe Zdar production and whole French Touch heritage is something Phoenix can be proud of (I didn’t even know they toured along with Daft Punk, but hey… money making machines aren’t common these days so… better conquer the Americas this way).

Phoenix, not Parisians ... but Versaillais!
Phoenix, not Parisians ... but Versaillais!

Our beloved friends @ ARTE just aired a documentary directed by Antoine Wagner &¬†entitled “Sur Les Traces De Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (following the steps of…) last Thursday night. 52 minutes that follow the rise (will there be a fall with their upcoming 5th album?) of the most iconic French band from this new century. And pay careful attention to the last couple of minutes (51 to be more precise)… and you may well hear some of the new sounds they’ve been “experimenting with” for their new record.

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