Create London website takeover

22 July 2013

Continuing on with the cross-disciplinary multi-platform nature of Hannah Perry‘s collaborative Have a Nice Day artwork, bubblebyte.org has taken over the Create London website for the next two months, following the immersive performance piece, featuring Perry and a group of South London teenagers at  the Barbican, Saturday July 13.

Launched on the day, the take over will last until September 13 and features a visual response to audio collected by the bubblebyte team, during the lead up to the HAND final performance. From that they’ve put together a soundboard that has also been integrated into the Create London takeover experience, along with a legend at the bottom of each page, which will activate a song and an image inspired by the artists and the HAND process. If that’s not the ultimate expression of our transmedia, interactive, post-internet universe, we don’t know what is. See takeover on the Create London website.**


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Olia Lialiana & Dragan Espenschied, ‘One Terabyte for Kilobyte Age’ (2013)

15 May 2013

Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied have been on a crusade to keep GeoCities in circulation, despite being taken offline by Yahoo! in 2009. Managing to salvage one terabyte of seemingly infinite homepages made since its emergence in 1995, their One Terabyte Of Kilobyte Age exhibits the work of a swathe of unknown average Joes and here’s just a handful with many more to see on their tumblr.

Geocities screencapture5 (photo courtesy of Dragan Espenschied)
Geocities screencapture (photo courtesy of Dragan Espenschied)
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Webby Awards @ Cipriani Wall Street – New York

24 April 2010

They’re probably the most renown internet awards honouring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising, on-line film and video, and mobile web sites.

Established in 1996, last year’s Annual Webby Awards (13th edition) received nearly 10,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide. The Webby Awards is presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

The Webby Awards are presented in over 100 categories among all four types of entries. A website can be entered in multiple categories and receive multiple awards. In each category, two awards are handed out: a Webby Award selected by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and a People’s Voice Award selected by the general public… that’s where we get to participate ourselves!

From entertainment or marketplaces to viral & animation videos, interactive & truly engaging experiences, trendy mobile sites…. the best of last years in a pack.

So who are you gonna vote? (well…. the nominated ones) you have tons of categories & websites to choose from…

so will it be Twitter (who is leading the number of votes right now…), Hulu, Pandora…?

or will it be Google’s search stories, VW’s fun theory (thjs one is great!), or Dorito’s Guitar hero?

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