Ways of Something

Ways of Something @ Conversations at the Edge, Oct 22

22 October 2015

Lorna Mills is presenting collaborative video Ways of Something (Episodes 3 and 4) at Chicago’s Conversations at the Edge on October 22.

Inspired by John Berger’s seminal Ways of Seeing (1972), Mills’s Ways of Something (Episodes 3 and 4) follow Episodes 1 + 2 presented at London’s The Photographers’ Gallery in February, and features a selection of work by digital and web artists from around the world riffing on the iconic documentary one minute at a time.

Featured artists include, Kim Asendorf & Ole FachAleksandra Domanović, Brenna Murphy, Juliette BonneviotEvan Roth, Shana Moulton, Vasily Zaitsev feat. MON3Y.us, Ann Hirsch, Rachael Archibald and many more.

See the Facebook event page for details.**

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Ways of Something @ TPG, Feb 12

10 February 2015

Eighty-five web-based artists are coming together to remake John Berger‘s iconic Ways of Seeing, one minute at a time, at The Photographers’ Gallery in London on February 12.

Divided into three episodes, the 85-minute screening was originally commissioned by The One Minutes, at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, and compiled by artist Lorna Mills. The episodes feature everything from 3D renderings, videos, filmic remixes, and webcam performances that poke at and subvert the tropes of art history.

Among the 85 artists is Marisa Olson, as well as Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jesse Darling, Evan Roth, Ann Hirsch, Daniel Temkin, and Eva Papamargariti. The screenings will be introduced by Julia van Mourik, director of The One Minutes, followed by a Q&A with Mills and Daniel Rourke via Skype.

See the event page for details. **


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