Wanna Party

Future Brown – ‘Wanna Party’

2 August 2013

There are all sorts of things you could extract from an project of truly global DJs Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri and J-CUSH called Future Brown. It might surprise you to know that, in spite of the dark connotations and imagery of Facebook reappropriation,¬† it’s actually after a an in-group meme sprung from a shared fascination with a colour that doesn’t exist in nature.

Their first drop ‘Wanna Party’ features a skull crushing bass and typically creepy embellishments from the quartet, plus lyrics from Chicago rapper Tink.¬† A debut featuring other¬†vocalists is coming and Fatima Al Qadiri plays XOYO in London tonight.

Stream and download the track at Complex Music.

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