18 May 2011

These new start-ups just can’t get harder names can they?  Winner of this year’s Next ’11 Elevator Awards Wahwah.fm has become the best new example of social portable piracy (remember the piratebox?).

“Listen music together on-the-go”, that’s how Philipp Eibach (the service founder) describes it. Basically wahwah.fm allows you to broadcasting a local radio station from your smartphone (iPhone at first of course), either by creating a playlist from the songs on your device or SoundCloud and share it with whoever is out there.

Wahwah also has a social component by allowing anyone to become a follower of the broadcast (person – station) you’re listening to as well, allowing to communicate & post messages with the broadcaster & audience..etc. A new way of socializing around music.

There will be many licensing issues for the broadcaster (anyone can stream anything they have on their device or on Soundcloud to whoever is around…) but we’re really willing to get our hands on this app which should be released shortly.

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