Dean Blunt @ Arcadia Missa, May 20 – Jun 25

19 May 2016

Dean Blunt is presenting solo exhibition W44VEY at London’s Arcadia Missa, opening May 20 and running to June 25.

There’s little information on the theme of the exhibition itself, aside from some typically cryptic press release text, below, and a YouTube video featuring 40 seconds of noise and images piles cash of cash, screens and online purchases via bootleg branded outlets like ‘Pay_Pall’ and ‘HedEx’.

“Glam frieztgerald white suits
Did calprio decide to go after chickens and pigeon eating them alive in front of ppl with friend they also trash the party by breaking all the windows
They get ostracised ” W44VEY

The London-based artist, producer and musician, who became known first for his work with cult band Hype Williams has spent the last couple years carving out a career under his solo moniker and releasing an album as Babyfather in April, while also presenting exhibitions at Space, the ICA and, more recently, Cubitt Gallery.

See the FB event page for details.**

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