Hyperlocal Festival, Sep 24

19 September 2016

The latest instalment of Hyperlocal Festival will be on at three locations across London on September 24.

The all-day event will take place at Cafe Oto, Project Space and HUB 16, featuring work, readings and music and DJ sets by Group A, Chloe Frieda, Los Cripis, Megan Nolan, Raisa K, Sneaks, Terriblis, Vindicatrix and 3mpty Space among many more.

The event is self-described as a winding “into an expanding wormhole of likeminded sub-scenes, a dialogue suspended above the transnational abyss. One headspace for 12 hours conducted in two cities, although not at the same time.”

The festival has a primary focus on London and Buenos Aires, and hosts a line-up of international artists connected locally in each city.

See the Hyperlocal Festival Website for details.**


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New Noveta @ Cell Project Space, Jul 21

18 July 2016

New Noveta will be presenting new work Govore at Cell Project Space on July 21.

The performance artist duo are showing as a part of the exhibition currently on at the East London gallery, is it rude or polite to leave the room, featuring work by Leslie Kulesh and Nina Cristante, and will leave a permanent mark on the show for the remainder of its duration, according to the press release.

New Noveta recently performed at Berlin’s Sandy Brown, which aqnb reviewed, and which saw the duo, Keira Fox and Ellen Freed dancing chaotically and screaming over the intense accompanying soundtrack. At the upcoming event, they are collaborating with Vindicatrix, who’s music is described as hypnotic and wonderful and who has previously worked with artists Morag Keil and Georgie Nettell.

See the Cell Project Space website for more details.**

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