Vincent Honoré

Nina Beier @ DRAF, Sep 12 – Dec 10

20 October 2014

Nina Beier‘s latest solo exhibition at London’s David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) runs from September 12 to December 10, with recently added special opening times in October.

The exhibition features a collection of Beier’s new sculptural works, including a major spatial commission created site-specifically for DRAF, coming out a six-year collaboration between the artist and the gallery. According to its director, Vincent Honoré, Beier’s sculptures are “trapped in an ambiguous position between an object and the representation of that object” as she creates works that muddy the space between the two.

Her ambitious new work, Tileables (2014), which functions as a base for the exhibition, exemplifies this: mosaic tiles adorned with patterns created with 3-D modeling software and textured to imitate natural materials like marble and mud are arranged across the gallery floors, a from-the-ground-up shift of imitation and reality.

See the DRAF exhibition page for details. **


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