Video Grow Light

Misha Rabinovich growing plants using video.

Misha Rabinovich. Video Grow Light.
15 March 2013

If you were looking for an example of a non sequitir then Misha Rabinovich‘s Video Grow Light would be it. Except that his practice comes from a fairly solid foundation of art theory, defined as the research of “radical ecology design as a strategy for making art”. Rabinovich already questioned a wasteful Western culture with a public installation for the Syracuse TONY 2012 Biennial, called Toiletponics, where he created an ecosystem in a pink toilet. This time around he’s exploring dynamic light for growing plants, using YouTube videos. The reasoning is that, if the sun moves, so should synthesised light.

Rabinovich will be showing the work IRL at 25 CPW Gallery in New York, May 22 to May 26 but for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic, this online video meta-perspective is almost more appropriate.**

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