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My family and the wolf

20 March 2012

We didn’t expect less from such a talented trio as the Headless team is… Victor, Adrian & Alfredo are back to the animated arena with the trailer of their long-awaited “My Family and the Wolf” which they presented earlier on this month at Lyon’s “Cartoon Movie” festival….

Their genuine hand-drawn style is mixed this time with the talent of many ex-Gobelins French students and is being produced by the also French (and less than a year old) Nectarius Films studio (the personal project of Christine Ponzevera).

from My family and the wolf
from My family and the wolf

We really hope this project will see the daylight this year (or maybe in 2013?), as the toughest part of the process is still ahead… funding, partnerships… something they know always poses a problem (ask themselves about their previous projects…). But let’s stay positive, as they put it… “who wouldn´t like to see a happy bright movie in these times of greyness and pessimism, right?”

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Eran 1, 2 y 3… Q&A with the Headless team

17 December 2010

Since Planet51 became the flagship of the Spanish animation industry last year everyone is on and about  the Iberian industry (not always positively) which is now releasing around 6 major (well distributed, well commercialized) animated films each year, and seems to have found a sustainable formula to keep the local market going.

Spain has traditionally been a very productive & profitable market where foreign production companies would come to invest their resources for reasonably “cheap” animated services. In the 80s & 90s there was a whole dedicated animation industry (mainly for kid’s tv series) that made the country the most attractive production market in Europe. Then by the end of that decade it all collapsed & Spanish TV channels decided to start buying more American & Japanese products.

from "the strange case of dad's missing head"

But over the past decade and especially since the success of “El bosque animado” the market has tried to re-adapt following the American 3D-animated success which transformed the tiring Disney enchanted kingdom into a profitable business again. Hoping to become a European referent everyone is adapting & trying to absorb those substantial state & regional government subventions.

And at the same time loads of independent studios & production companies seem to appear & propagate each day. Some of them inheriting the 90s experience & transforming themselves to match the new trends (BRB International, Filmax..). Others specifically pioneering & pushing the local market forward (Dygra Films, Dibulitoon …) we’re obviously talking about different products (full length animation films, tv series…) but all with a common factor: find genuine way of doing animation

Today we have the opportunity to talk with Victor Maldonado & the Headless team (also Adrian Garcia & Alfredo Torres) who after having worked all together in some of the most renown Spanish animated projects over the last few years (Nocturna & El Cid, The Leged…) finally got together under the Headless umbrella.

aqnb: Hi Victor, a few questions?

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