23 December 2011

I wasn’t aware that the company behind the visual effects of one of Philips’ 2010 “Parallel Lines campaign” (The Gift in particular) was Barcelona-based studio Big Lazy Robot (BLR), a bunch of 3D experts commanded by JJ Palomo (3dblasphemy) and including some talent out of PepeSchoolLand. They’ve been creating some of the most astonishing VFX parts of well-renown campaigns & movies (just see their portfolio) for many years now…

Keloid - BLR poster
Keloid - BLR poster

…and today I woke up with their latest piece… a trailer of their yet-to-be produced (if ever) film K3loid. Set in “a near future” the original idea was conceived about a year ago as a group of mechanical SWAT forces rushing into a clandestine drug lab also operated by robots.

It’s taken them slightly more than a year to get a solid script and great character design. They called Aaron Beck and Greg Broadmore (District 9) for the concept art),  AI expert and theorist Eliezer Yudkowsky, and after 5 months work here’s the final trailer. For now it’s just that… a trailer, but JJ. Palomo says they might give it a chance next year after sending it to production houses in a bit. Who knows, maybe K3loid in 2012 or 2013?

We highly recommend you read Motiongrapher’s interview with J.J. Palomo from last week which includes many stills, concept art and great insights on the production process.  For now enjoy their previous short…

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