7 May 2013

What do you get when you combine a coarsely computer-generated aesthetic, Jennifer Aniston and a male striptease? We couldn’t tell you but we can show this brilliant video, by elusive online art project URRRGH, ‘$WIMMIN-IN-MONEY’. The most recent of uploads to the vimeo account, the witch house and #seapunk labels linger in the pitched down vocals and gaudy psychedelic artwork. But as we all know the two subgenres apparently don’t actually exist, which makes it all the more apt in comparing them to this mind-fucking non-music that manages to evade commodification by the very fact of its unapproachability.

Nothing much is known about URRRGH except that his/her/their tumblr is great, the videos are weird and the music is stranger. Combining the glitch elements of a fragmented sounds, a chopped, screwed and perverted voice and skittering syncopated beats, that do more than just bounce over near-nauseating bass drops, one could ask, ‘is this art, music or a practical joke?’ but they wouldn’t get an answer. **

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