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Miguel Trillo @ Canal Isabel II

15 September 2009

We could consider Miguel Trillo as an Urban Anthropologist… three decades behind a camera have made him an exceptional witness of the mythical “Movida” in Madrid….. and of course he’s also photographed the roots of rap, or the “mod”, “rockabilly” & “heavy” tribes from youth all over the world.

Miguel Trillo
Miguel Trillo

Born in Gibraltar in 1953, Trillo is probably one of the best portrait photographers of Spanish urban tribes from Transition to democracy and present day. His photos compose a generic vision of a society in constant transformation. After “La Movida” Trillo’s work started to become more global, integrating his works inside the documentary photography.

Miguel Trillo - Identities
Miguel Trillo – Identities

As he says.. “A youngster can lie with words, but not with his clothes, these ones give himself away”.

The “Identities” retrospective (with 116 photographs by Miguel Trillo) will take place @ Canal de Isabel II (Madrid) until November 15th.

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