Unreliable Source

Unreliable Source reading installation @ DRAF, Dec 10

8 December 2014

Harry Burke, Holly Childs and Sophie Collins will be presenting a new “immersive reading installation”, titled Unreliable Source, in Nina Beier’s solo exhibition at DRAF on December 10.

Burke – who, after editing the  I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best anthology earlier this year, is publishing his latest project, an ebook of poems accompanied by architectural drawings by Alessandro Bava and titled City of God (for which we have a review coming…soon!) – is joining forces with Childs to read a story that “maps out space”. Melbourne-based Childs, in turn, works as a writer, editor, and artist, with a new novel, Danklands, coming out this month.

Following Burke and Child’s piece, poet Sophie Collins will read a series of ekphrastic poems, followed by video readings by a handful of artists, including Natalie Parker, Jack Mannix, Aurelia Guo and Autumn Royal.

See the DRAF event page for details. **



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