Slender: The Arrival

24 December 2012

Following the incredible success of last summer’s “Eight pages” there’s been a good hype around Der Grossman; and many other psychological horror titles & versions of Mark J. Hadley‘s game have emerged (just a few days ago we got to see this trailer for “White noise“).

Amesia’s Machine for pigs won’t be the only eagerly expected survival horror game to come next year as Mark and his Parsec studio along with Blue isleMarble Hornets creators are designing this new version of the game… “The Arrival”.

The informations came up last Sept but yesterday we got this sweet trailer giving us a few more details of the title review, like the cam perspective which has been added (Rec style) and the addition of a few more creatures like the kids Slender loves to kidnap. Looks like 2013 is going to be a frightening year, more info & images on their dedicated website.

Slender The Arrival teaser - Slender
Slender The Arrival teaser – Slender (all images via Slender the arrival)
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Snake Remix

13 December 2012

Augmented Reality experts and interactive design studio Visionaries 777 (who last February brought us their AR Spaceship app) are back with a new AR game inspired by the popular snake arcade.

“Snake Remix” while it still hasn’t been developed as a full game (it was made in 30 hours during last October’s Unity MIT Game Jam 2012 in Hong Kong) may hopefully join the ranks of Warm Runner and make it to one of those mobile appstores we all love.

Simply put, Snake Remix is a revision of the 70s classic adding some new interactive elements like those falling blocks which destroy the snake’s playground creating deadly craters… and hopefully we’ll see a more complete version of the game in the coming months.

Snake Remix game still
Snake Remix game still
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