Ulya Soley

Go offline, get dressed, leave your flat, enter the garden. Bora Akinciturk + Nicola Lorini present Take Me Out Jul 15 – 17

14 July 2017

Bora Akinciturk and Nicola Lorini are presenting joint exhibition Take Me Out at London’s 97 Graham Road, E8 1PB, opening July 15 and running to June 17.

Curated by the web-based publishing platform STIMULI (run by Federico Sargentone and Ulya Soley) the collaborative show asks you to, “Go offline. Put your laptop to sleep. Get dressed. Take your keys, phone, wallet and lighter. Leave your flat,” and enter the garden where Akinciturk will present new paintings and a yard-specific sculptural work by Lorini. 

The event also announces STIMULI’s upcoming issue Here’s an Old Pic of Me featuring Akinciturk, and designed by Davide Di Teodoro

Visit the STIMULI website for details.**

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