Tymon Zgainski


3 December 2012

There is a lot about The Official which makes it an extremely appealing game. Not only because of its paranoiac script, or because of all those subtle subliminal stimuli, but because like any other unreleased game (especially the ones that never make it after the announcement) it’s generating some decent hype during this “teasing” phase without even having a playable demo.

THE OFFICIAL (aka Tymon Zgainski‘s own personal paranoia), conceived as first-person adventure game, just got its first trailer release a few days ago, now that it’s precisely competing for one of the “Indie of the Year” awards.

T.O. is a game with puzzles and exploration which has that minimalistic & bold 3D touch we love so much and admired on Blendo Games’ titles. Although T.O. seems to take the story in a much more serious way and goes deep into the analysis of human dissatisfaction with our daily routines, the cruel corporate world…. and a few other existentialish questions.

The Official still
The Official still

We’re anxiously willing to play with it, and if mother fortune is generous with Tymon, she will not only make him finish it next year, but also give him a little award right Miss? More info & stills on the creator’s webpage.

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