‘Two Workaround Works Around Calder’

C. Spencer Yeh presents a night of audio/visual works in response to Calder’s Circus at Whitney Museum, Oct 6

6 October 2017

C. Spencer Yeh is presenting one night event Two Workaround Works Around Calder at New York’s Whitney Museum on October 6.

The artist and composer will show two ‘visual and auditory works’ made in reference/response to Alexander Calder‘s works ‘Hypermobility‘ and ‘Calder’s Circus.’ As an accompaniment to the current exhibition Calder: Hypermobility, Yeh will present a sequel video (the first of which he made in 2015 documenting the life of ‘Circus’). 

Performing through electronics and objects, Yeh explores movement in Calder’s works and how visitors also navigate and interact with the installations. The event will pay close attention to space in particular, taking consideration of the architecture.

Visit the Whitney Museum website for details.**

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