Travis Jeppesen

Travis Jeppesen @ Exile, May 4 – 31

4 May 2016

Artist and writer Travis Jeppesen is presenting his first solo show New Writing at Berlin’s Exile, opening May 5 and running to May 28.

The artist’s exhibition looks at text in relation to image, language, calligraphy, text and abstraction. The two-dimensional work explores how the eye decodes systems of communication, and how the medium of language functions in the context of the gallery space.

Jeppesen writes in the form of poetry, art criticism and his previous novels include Victims, Wolf at the Door and The Suiciders. Known as the founder of object-oriented writing, his practice investigates the inner lives of objects and how they speak through a metaphysical form of art writing. His book 16 Sculptures featured as audio installation and was also shown in an exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery in London. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London studying Critical Writing in Art and Design.

See the Exile website for details.**

Courtesy Travis Jeppesen + Exile, Berlin.
Courtesy Travis Jeppesen + Exile, Berlin.


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