MiRA! Barcelona

6 November 2012

It is inevitably (read obligatory) for musicians to experiment nowadays with other artistic disciplines, and the proliferation of festivals that give the same importance to sounds, visuals and interactivity seems to grow exponentially each year. The latest date to add to your calendar is November 10th.

M!ra occupies the old Barcelonian thread and fabric factory Fabra i Coats for the second consecutive year in an attempt to compete (and complement the annual offer) with the other Spanish “advanced” festivals like L.E.V. or Mimaa (and no need to mention big Sonar right?).

MiRA-MAD Center © Ceci Fimia
MiRA-MAD Center © Ceci Fimia

With a more decadent and also innovative approach this year we’ll get mostly a good representation of the national panorama with artists like Alizzz&RazaRoja but also a few welcomed foreigners like Japanese Ametsub or London’s Darren Cunningham (see the full line-up here). 25€ to get all the fun… so if you’re in Barcelona this next Saturday… more info on the festival’s page.

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Drive to Abstraction

10 October 2012

Christobal de Oliveira did not set himself an easy task when he decided to present a “polymorphous universe at the crossroads of digital and more traditional techniques.” Instead of taking on the whole of Creation one technique at a time, in his debut exhibition @ Le Cube, the artist uses a range of media to expose his concept under different conditions.

Exhibition space Le Cube, built just outside Paris’ city centre, was a risky venture eleven years ago. But now,  this centre has made its mark as the first entirely digital arts and creativity centre in France… perfect for a multi-disciplinary artist like de Oliveira.

Christobal de Oliveira - Aalterate (image via Le Cube)
Christobal de Oliveira – Aalterate (image via Le Cube)

Described as an immersion into a “landscape of the mind” the exhibition centres on the short film “Aalternate”. Small but mighty, it has already been selected by 19 festivals, winning 6 awards as well as the Beaumarchais-SACD Award and its feature-length film writing grant. The film follows the subconscious of a woman in a state of reverie or coma as pieces of her memory collide with her psyche. Twisted shapes creep from her body creating organic shoots that in turn produce their own elements, spreading in all directions like spores. A car plunges into deep water, and is set upon by the mysterious and threatening forms that exist at the bottom of the ocean, slowly being crushed by glowing eels and finger-like tentacles. Meanwhile the motif – a contour that is picked up everywhere – is that of the woman’s body falling in a fetal position. Continue reading Drive to Abstraction

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Ether 2012

23 September 2012

There will be dance-video-laser performances and advanced electronics, symphonic adaptations and Internet electronic memes, feline choreographies and quite a few exclusive premieres. This and that and many more of the always evolutionary and sometimes overwhelming transdisciplinary festival Ether, one of the UK’s most forward-thinking festivals that kicks off next October 5th for a new edition…

In its 11th edition Ether proposes its eclectic programme featuring some unique UK and London premieres with a mix of electronics, classical music, visual arts, dance and a celebration of John Cage’s centenary…

Tyonda Braxton - Walker Arts Center March 4 2011 by Grace Villamil (image via Bang On)
Tyonda Braxton – Walker Arts Center March 4 2011 by Grace Villamil (image via Bang On)

Like many years 2012 has its very own list of “firsts” for the capital… Jonathan Harvey‘s Welteths, Tyondai Braxton’s Central market, John Cale’s Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood and John Cage Centenary Celebrations… but as you’re probably aware of, the festival is home to some big names of the DIY and indie scene as well as some less-known jewels..

The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble (image via Bang On)
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble (image via Bang On)

The most ambitious cross-genre festival of the year covers pretty much most of our favorites… from collaborative projects like TBBFE o  iamamiwhoami to some exciting electro masters (Apparat, Tyondai Braxton..), and because we’re felling generous we’re preparing something special for you to enjoy as much as we will, so stay tuned via our @aqnb twitter.

(For the full festival list of events & information visit their website)

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