Tous cannibales

Tous cannibales

5 May 2011

I maybe too late to review or propose “All cannibals” as a must-visit exhibition given the number of days left (10) @ Maison Rouge, but visceral scenery is always worth visiting.

Not that I entirely agree with the cannibalism as a healthy way of feeding oneself, but it certainly has its benefits. As Claude LeviStrauss said @ La Repubblica in 1993… “Tthe simplest way to identify with another is still to eat them”. Couldn’t agree more.

Victor Brauner, Extreme Conciliation, 1941

Until May 15th la maison rouge is staging an exhibition on anthropophagy and its representations in contemporary visual art.

The exhibition’s curator has chosen pieces for the most part by young artists working independently of each other on the concept of incorporation. A body of contemporary works (photography, video, installation, sculpture, drawing and painting) finds echoes in a historic perspective (illustrations, illuminated texts, engravings and ritual objects).

Together, they show how the theme of anthropophagy has persisted and evolved through time and place. Despite being largely ignored by art critics and theorists, anthropophagy is an underlying theme of current creation, as the presence in the show of major artists from the contemporary scene confirms.

Norbert Bisky, Scapegoat, 2005,

Don’t we all absorb & construct our personality as we observe, share & experience with other people’s behaviors? Then you’re just one step away from reaching the next level.

One of Goya's War disasters.. A heroic feat! With dead men!
And if you can’t make it here in Paris, then the exhibition will continue in Berlin, from May 28th to September 18th, at Me Collectors Room Berlin (, recently opened by the collector Thomas Olbricht. Enjoy!
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