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17 May 2011

It’s been 2 years since Toby Jackman graduated from the UK TV & film school (and finished this great film for his last year) but only 2 months since he published it on-line for our delight.

Whether this animated short has a significant resemblance with┬áKoji Morimoto’s Animatrix episode is another discussion, we are completely carried away by the completely random & improvised story which somehow fits & comes together extremely well in the end.

We’re eagerly awaiting new films from this London artist who’s been working for Slinky for the past 2 years (most of their films are still available on their website), and whose illustrations are equally desirable.

Hates the madison

As a child I copied the characters from the Beano and Dandy. Encouraged by my parents I created new characters, stories and situations on A4 printer paper for my friends and family. After the Beano I moved on to 2000AD and MAD, along side early morning cartoons, saturday matinee films on BBC2 and late night animation/short film seasons that had been recorded, I gathered influences and interests that I used in my illustrations. I took these to college to learn Graphic Design.


Unfortunately for Toby, since dedicating so much time to the animation world his tea making skills have rapidly declined, and as a result he’s now a coffee drinker. Oh boy.

And if you have time do not only check his collaborations with other animators but his blog with Elena Pomares… “Two words & a coffee“, the best coffee related cartoons & doodles we’ve seen.

And a coffee discovered
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