Thomas Gram Veyssière


19 September 2011

While Berlin gets all the music glam, all the shiny decadence from northern and eastern Europe (+ their own) London keeps a very vivid but sometimes too american-flavored scene. That’s why each city is so unique.

Danish duo The Echo Vamper are about to release (James Brook and Iza Mortag Freund) their debut EP next October, and because their PR MR Lemche is doing a great job we just got to know them.

The Echo Vamper – 1 2 3 4 Die Polizei Ist Heir [demo/unmastered] by The Echo Vamper

Their megakitsch rock is certainly more appealing to the current stylish & baroque German youth than the sometimes too-boring (everything has to be said) psychedelic-never-ending English one, but everything is exportable right?

Entrap & exploit us please!
The Echo Vamper – Under The Covers There’s a Million Colours [demo/unmastered] by The Echo Vamper

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