The Still House

Jogging exhibition ends this week

11 June 2013

For anyone based in New York, Jogging‘s Soon exhibition at The Still House ends this Friday, June 14. Running since Friday, May 24, the show explores ideas of impermanence in the face of impending environmental catastrophe, with recurring motifs of water, from camo-patterned fish nailed to the wall to hydrophobic glass installations, as the collective announces, “We are potentially the first generation of people to begin making down payments on a hellacious environmental check that has long been deferred.”

In a recent interview with aqnb, Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo noted the collective’s use of image as performance to give new weight to what he considers to be the poor image’s devaluation in a state of overproduction. That element of endless manufacture and the disintegration that results from it is here again reflected through some bitter humour pervading a cynical outlook in the face of an economy and consumer culture that is reaching terminal velocity and hurtling toward human extinction. See more images on the Jogging website. **

Jogging, 'Rationed Water' (2013).
Jogging, ‘Rationed Water’ (2013).


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