The stars in his head

The stars in his head

1 May 2011

For a man like Mr Stetson & the record company behind his critically acclaimed “New History… “ it could have been easier to hire an animator (not even hire, just ask politely any Calarts student for free) and ask for an edgy stop-motion clip with a mix of vintage footage & organic elements with a constant but evolutionary loop.

Nah, instead, Stetson & the pipol @ Constellation thought that a live performance of “The Stars in his head” at 3am in sub-zero temperatures in a Montreal underpass next to their headquarters was a way better idea. A survival test performed live. No loopers or pre-recorded tracks or post-production funny business. All sounds made by Colin Stetson in real-time with that circular breathing technique we all wish to learn someday. Valvework, vocalisations through the reed.

And another gift from our friend Vincent Moon (behind La Blogoteque)…. enjoy!

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