The Sound

The Sound

13 September 2012

The first and probably the most welcoming song into Maria Jurr’s new personal conversation with herself, that of her new album “Will happiness find me” just released on Not Not Fun a few days ago finally gets a clip. It was the first extract we heard from the album and now the first clip directed by James B Stringer for the bedroom diva.

A clip they created together inspired by “biotechnology and posthumanism” which mysteriously enough seems the perfect environment for this eternal embryonic artist… “The video attempts to depict Maria in state of metaphysical limbo, being built by an unknown entity… I make everything pretty much from the ground up: 3D modeling, graphics, etc. It’s a raw process—my computer is pretty rubbish.”

Oh… and she’s now on tour with  Father Finger for a “serious trans-American adventure” details & dates on the NNF page.

MMinerva - Will Happiness find me? album cover
MMinerva – Will Happiness find me? album cover

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