The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project

2 May 2011

New month = New contest! This one for the moleskine lovers.

The Sketchbook project is pretty much a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks (duh). Anyone—from anywhere in the world can be a part of the Project by submitting signing-up and doodling on the blank sketchbook they receive after selecting a theme (and paying 25$ too).

Then each sketchbook will be exhibited on the next year’s tour (2nd edition) and cataloged permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library.

Last year nearly 30.000 artists from 94 countries asked for a blank sketchbooks… although only around a third of those were returned for the exhibition (ahhhh you petty thieves!). This year’s tour is only across the U.S. (see list of cities here). But for 2012 not only the U.S. but also Canada, Australia and the UK will be part of the tour…
Then there’s also the option of digitizing your work (for a few more dollars… $10), if you want it scanned and uploaded to the official Sketchbook Project virtual archive.

When you sign up for the project you will be able to choose from a list of 40 themes that go from the cheesy and always essentials “Hope”, “The first ever…”, “I remember you” to the apparently more simple (even if it’s always up to your personal understandings & twists) “fork & spoon”, “Sandwich” or “Treehouse”.

one of the submitted books by Iris Chang

We’re pretty sure this year will have several thousand more books, so if you’re keen on giving one of your sketchbooks to the ever-growing project then it’s this way for the rules & sign-up. You can already order your sketchbook and as long as you submit it before February next year, you’re pretty sure to get it on the tour.

Maybe you should also have a look at their flickrpool page to see last year’s level.

This one is by Crystal Driedger on the theme "Jackets, Blankets & Sheets"
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