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Cristian Vogel launches net label.

Cristian Vogel launches new net label.
29 March 2013

When we interviewed Cristian Vogel back in June last year, he told us he approached his music in a progressive, scientific way. That’s how Vogel managed to move with the times so freely, in a career spanning 20 years. From having a regrettable midi port tattoo, to a crowd-funded album The Inertials, out on Shitkatapult, now, his own net label, Station 137 through deals with experimental music he rates.

Probably best known for his work as one half Super_Collider with electronic/RnB anomaly Jamie Lidell, Vogel is a prolific DJ and producer and with the internet at his disposal, there’s no telling what he’ll do next. See the Station 137 website for more information.**

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An interview with Cristian Vogel.

Cristian Vogel. Photo by Sarah Ginn kleiner
13 June 2012

Cristian Vogel isn’t just a producer. He’s also an artist, philosopher, even a scientist who, in a career spanning nearly two decades, has garnered world wide acclaim and a cult following among electronic music circles. He’s probably better known for comprising one half dance duo Super_Collider with Jamie Lidell but having worked across contemporary dance, film and sound art, the Chilean-born, British-raised technophile has 14 albums and a seemingly endless pool of experience and information to show for it. So much so that his latest album The Inertials, out now through Shitkatapult on June 8, managed to raise 126 per cent of its original budget through crowd-funding source Pledgemusic to yield yet another mind-bending insight into the human condition.

Cristian Vogel. Photo by Sarah Ginn-Kleiner.
Cristian Vogel. Photo by Sarah Ginn-Kleiner.

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