The Honeymoon Suite

Reflection, refraction + self-examination for Gian Manik’s Internal Audit at Melbourne’s The Honeymoon Suite, Feb 10 – Mar 17

9 February 2018

Gian Manik is presenting solo exhibition Internal Audit at Melbourne’s The Honeymoon Suite, opening February 10 and running to March 17.

The Melbourne-based artist’s paintings and fabric compositions consider the passage of time as a “way to progress that is not necessarily pre-determined; instead the direction to take is gradually revealed along the way.” A wall-length piece, produced in collaboration with students from Hedlands Senior High School in the Pilbara region of Western Australia early last year, responds to the landscape in a work that is described as “between a contemporary painting and a cumulative palimpsest.”

Manik has in the past been preoccupied with creating liminal space that skews a singular reference point and creates unpredictable compositions distorting perception, while seeming to “oscillate between reality and abstraction.” With Internal Audit, he moves toward “positive and negative space, posterity and erasure, and excess and restraint.”

See The Honeymoon Suite website for details.**

Gian Manik, ‘Untitled’ (2017-2018). Detail. Courtesy FORM, Perth + The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne.
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