The Future Perfect

Block Universe, May 30 – Jun 5

30 May 2016

Block Universe performance festival returns this year across several London venues, opening May 30 and running June 5.

Commissioning several new works encompassing dance, presentations, intimate conversations, cake eating and music, and inviting other pieces to be re-performed during the week, the organisers of Block Universe have offered the title, The Future Perfect for the festival’s holding theme.

The Future Perfect is about the experience of ‘relationality’ in a mediated society, and will look at body enhancement, immortality, ageing, preservation and the representation of the self in acts and via motifs found in shared experiences, as well as in modes of anonymity.

Our recommendations are ‘Let Them Eat Cake //// May One Without Hunger Lift the First Knife‘ a collaborative work by London-based artists Jesse DarlingRaju Rage, who have worked previously and respectively as a pastry chef and big-batch caterer, according to the mysterious press release, and “will present the indigestible truth as a gift economy”. Also to look out for is performance, ‘Personal Proxies’ by Athens-London based Erica Scourti.

niv Acosta will be performing ‘DISCOTROPIC | Alien Talk Show‘ for the first time in the UK at David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) and will be in conversation with Block Universe’s director, Louise O’Kelly whose curatorial research is based in performance and transcultural memory.

See the Block Universe website for more details and locations.**

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