The Douglas Hyde Gallery

Sam Keogh @ The Douglas Hyde Gallery, May 21 – Jul 22

21 May 2015

Artist Sam Keogh takes the 2,000-year old Old Croghan Man as his inspiration for his new show, Four Fold, running at The Douglas Hyde Gallery from May 21 to July 22.

The Old Croghan Man, one of the ancient ‘bog bodies’ recently unearthed from the Irish wetlands, was probably the victim of human sacrifice. He was probably a Celtic king that failed to satisfy his subjects, suffering a ‘threefold death’ as a result, and left to compress, tan, and preserve in a bog lake in the Irish countryside.

The story of the sacrificed king is central to Keogh’s new installation, composed of photographs, sculptures, illustrations, and casts, bringing together influences as disparate as André Masson’s Acéphale, Krang, the villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the body of John Spartan from Demolition Man, and a snapshot of the artist’s mother observing a mummy in the British Museum.

At 7pm on opening night, Keogh will give a performance in the installation that will be recorded and screened as part of the work.

See the exhibition page for details.**

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