The Dance

The Dance

10 June 2011

Folkert de Jong‘s Shooting lesson & group of Dancers were probably the stars of Saatchi Gallery’s new exhibition (or at least our favorite ones) standing out of so many dusty & rusty deja vus.

Folkert de Jong - The Dance (Balthazar G)

Because we love flashy polyurethane foam pigmented sculptures and for their macabre expressions taking Goya’s “Blind Man’s Bluff” to a whole new level.

Frozen in permanent gestures like ventriloquist’s dummies (The Peckhamian Mimic, 2007), sometimes quasi-drunkenly gurning or grinning, as in Asalto de la Diligencia (2008) or expressionlessly looking on, these posturing figures have an eerie charge, like carnivalesque puppet grim reapers rising from the detritus of post-industrial culture, poignantly made out of a material that will not last.

Folkert de Jong - The Dance (Player) - 2008

Two of his biggest pieces are being shown @ Saatchi G. until October so even if it’s only for these obscure cartooney scenes, it’s worth a quick visit.

Folkert de Jong - The Shooting Lesson - 2007

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