The Breaks

The Breaks

13 May 2011

Ahhhhh Good old Janine Rostron is back with her amazing arty sounds. 5 years we’ve had to wait for her second LP (obviating last year’s “Tomorrow in a year” collaboration with The Knife & Mt. Sims). But here are a couple of singles from her upcoming “W” (now with DFA supporting her).

The album comes out next Tuesday and promises to be a “powerful soul odyssey that ravishes the listener” 12 tracks she’s been working on for the past three and half years in her Berlin studio. Singing and playing all the instruments on the album with the exception of contributions from Pat Mahony and Hjörleifur Jónsson.

Planningtorock – The Breaks by DFA Records

The record was then mixed in Sweden in 2010 during a session with Christoffer Berg. Next week Planningtorock is presenting her album across the UK & Germany, so if you have time (and there’s tickets left) then get a good electro dose from the Bolton genius. She’s in parallel working with NYC’s CREEP on some of their latest collaborative remixes… we’re anxious for the new PTR Show!

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