The Boy In The Bubble

The Boy In The Bubble

22 July 2011

To be honest I was automatically attracted to this short animated teaser by Alan Rickman’s voice, the rest seemed a trendy-catch game of the eternal Mr Burton and American McGee’s Alice game artworks.

Then I realized Kealan O’Rourke was behind the short, as I’m very fond of Irish animation lately… well… an obligatory mention had to be written.


Rupert is this 10 y.o. boy in a bubble and he’s just fallen hopelessly in love for the first time. When it all goes terribly wrong, he wishes never to experience heartache again. Turning to a book of magic, he invokes a spell to shield him from emotion forever.

And now…. just a matter of time until we find out when and how will it be screened or released.

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