The Bear Pit

Alice Theobald @ Focal Point, Aug 8

7 August 2015

Artist Alice Theobald has joined Focal Point Gallery for a three-week residency culminating with a performance at the Essex space on August 8.

The London artist joins ‘The Bear Pit‘, a purpose-built installation that operates as both studio and exhibition space, as part of a programme of events, exhibitions and residencies that each last three weeks. They’re curated by various artist-run spaces from around the UK invited to participate and for Theobald’s duration, the curator is Birmingham’s Grand Union.

Drawing from her research on ‘The Theatre of the Absurd’—a term coined by critic Martin Esslin in the 1960s and referencing a style of theatre that was consistent with Albert Camus’ existential view that “the human situation is essentially absurd in its struggle to find purpose and to control its fate”—Theobald will combine her interest in live performance, video, installation and music to explore the division between stage and life.

See ‘The Bear Pit’ page for details. **


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