‘The ∞ INFINITE ◯ Webring’

The ∞ INFINITE ◯ Webring of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood

19 September 2013

Let’s not go into the fact that the title of Angelo Plessas‘ spirito-digital collective THE ETERNAL INTERNET BROTHERHOOD is supremely gendered. We’ll put it down to the fact that those signifiers no long apply in the lofty higher planes of the new techno-consciousness he proliferates (after all, who am I to even presume Angelo is male? And what does male mean anyway?). That train of thought is almost as disorienting as the new mobile-friendly interface The ∞ INFINITE ◯ Webring of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood designed by PWR Studio, which allows you to navigate through interviews, essays and project by an extensive list of artists, including Petra Cortright, Jesse Darling, Harry Burke and Attilia Fattori Franchini among many others.

So instead of trying to describe it ourselves, here’s a description from the newsletter:

“The new interface is neoarchaic, semirandom navigation ⎈ system handcoded and chainlinked by PWR Studio in the €urozone in August 2013. A neverending loop within the complex coils of the society of control. No Menu. noindex.”

See the #ETINTERBRO website for more details. **

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