Joey Holder + John Russell @ LD50, Apr 21 – May 29

21 April 2016

Joey Holder and John Russell are presenting joint exhibition, TETRAGRAMMATON, at London’s LD50, opening April 21 and running to May 29.

There’s little information available on the exhibition itself aside from its title: the Hebrew word for a deity consisting four letters (יהוה) that transliterates to YHWH, also known as ‘Yahweh’, also known as god.

The press image of a classical depiction of ‘Jesus Christ the Saviour’ beholds an unearthly bitcoin forum avatar and introduces the work of the two artists. Russell is a veteran video and net artist and Holder is an emerging artist who’s aesthetic grows from an interest in net art and science. Both of them share a similar aesthetic in what writer Augie March called the space where “the uncanny bleeds into the outright unsettling” in an aqnb interview-feature on Holder.

See the LD50 website for details.**

Joey Holder + John Russell, TETRAGRAMMATON (2016) @ LD50, London.

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