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Back to bed

16 December 2011

With a 200% Magritte style, William Jakob Reynish, Jonas Byrresen & the rest of their team have designed “Back to bed” as part of this year’s game-making task @ DADIU (Danish Academy for Interactive Digital Entertainment… not amazingly well-known but apparently their game-making program which has existed for several years has produced several  IGF nominees, PAX 10 games… etc).

still from Back to bed
still from Back to bed

For the Fall release, there were six teams of students from Danish universities around the country as well as students from a bunch of different countries, one of those teams (that usually have 16-18 people) produced Back to bed during 6 weeks and here’s the result (the other 5 free games this way).

In the case of B2B you’ll have to guide a sleepwalker (Bob) to his bed by using his subconscious protector: Subob . Go across rooftops, avoiding falls, and around dangerous creatures from the nightmares of Bob… probably one of the best of this year’s Fall releases. Great stuff Jakob, Jonas…. and everyone else!!

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