tangible electrophonic drumstick

the tangible electrophonic drumstick

15 May 2011

Cory Levinson (alias Kohwi) is one of those hidden talents whose works & witty sounds still need a bit of polishing, but sound spatially and astronomically perfect. Like many psychedelic kids from the new generation. Although today we ask him to join our fray not for his great compositions (that you should definitely check out on his soundcloud & bandcamp) but for his latest device.

And it’s true when our friend John Kay insists that the best new sounds & groups come from the DIY music scene. In the case of Cory, his latest creation comes in the form of a tangible electrophonic drumstick! His new musical instrument was designed & built as part of his coursework at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s University Belfast. He integrated it into his Kohwi lives during his European tour over the past two months.

His new work “Hidden Trees” should be out very very zoon!

Hidden Trees by Kohwi

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