‘Golden Sunrise’ @ Antenna Media Centre, Sep 26

23 September 2013

Following last week’s eight-hour PAMI & artist Josephine Callaghan’s Sleeping Upright website takeovers, online exhibition Golden Sunrise –named after a corporate party cruise ship -will tour to Nottingham on September 26. Each artist will transfer the online into the (semi-)IRL by commandeering a screen each at Antenna Media Centre‘s cafe bar for the launch of Candice Jacobs’ Pleasure Voyage solo exhibition at SYSON.

Inspired by the gendered “nowhere voyages” of these feminised leisure spaces, Golden Sunrise features artists Laura Aldrige, Gabriele Beveridge, Kitty Clark, Mel Nguyen and Zoe Williams, as well as Jacobs and Callaghan, and will loop back to the online domain by becoming available to view on the Sleeping Upright website until November 23.

See the Sleeping Upright website for more details. **

Header image: Candice Jacobs, ‘The Measure of Genius’ (2013). Video Still.

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Candice Jacobs @ Syson, Sep 26 – Nov 23

11 September 2013

Nottingham-based artist and recipient of October Standpoint Residency, Candice Jacobs will present her solo exhibition Pleasure Voyage at Nottingham’s new SYSON Gallery, running September 26 to November 23.

Exploring ideas of a gendered paradise, Jacobs takes the show title from the cruise voyages that blur the lines between leisure and labour, class and capital, within a femininised nowhere-space of the female-named ships and their ‘travelling hospitality suites’, emblematic of her preoccupation with meaningless aspiration and corporate value systems. The exhibition will look at the role of gender across work and play, escape and Capitalism, across film, performance and installation while coming accompanied by this calming blurb to meditate over the “scalloped bikinis” and “Ibiza Chill Out albums”:

“Relax… sit back… take care that you can be as comfortable as possible so that
it’s easy for you to let go of the events of the day.
I will accompany you, offering ideas and suggestions.
There is nothing you need to do.
The more relaxed you become, the more powerful your experience will be.
Allow yourself to grow soft, supple, and relax.
You can lavish in abundance right now, just imagine it.
You can create prosperity in an easy and relaxed manner.
Just relax.
Release a sigh of relief… a big deep sigh of relief that you might feel at the end of
a long hard day… that’s it.
Indulge in that beautiful feeling of total and utter relief, just imagine it spreading all
over your body.
Just let it go.
Expand your sense of self and radiate your power out into the world.
Open up so you can be seen, valued and appreciated.
Imagine… this is… your new… reality.”

See the Pleasure Voyage website for more details. **

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