‘SweSh Xpress’

Ilja Karilampi @ Marbiers 4, Apr 24 – May 17

24 April 2014

Ilja Karilampi is presenting solo exhibition SweSh Xpress at Geneva’s Marbiers 4, opening April 24 and running to May 17.

Following up Renaud Jerez’ Lucky Strike, running March 29 to April 19 at the same space, the announcement comes with an extended trailer originally animated by Daniel Swan as ‘RENAUD JEREZ / ILJA KARILAMPI *** GENEVA’ and featuring the familiar hyper-hip hop tropes of the Karilampi oeuvre.

Hence, as the global protagonist of last year’s The Hunter in the Armchair, published via Motto, Karilampi’s “countries almost making out”, as seen from high-speed cross-border trains meets the “Prada, Gucci, Young Thug, Napalm Death, Jean-Paul Gautier” of Jerez’ previous press release prose –all while cycling around the unified European countryside and listening to Juicy J.

See the Marbiers 4 website for details. **

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