Surabhi Saraf

The potential for political organisation and direct action in Creamcake’s Euromall at Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis, June 15 & 16

12 June 2019

Berlin-based music platform Creamcake will be in Minneapolis this weekend to present  Euromall with Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis at the city’s Skyways Center & Honey Club running June 15 & 16, 2019.

The premise of the event lies in a “belief in the possibilities of political organisation and direct action” and takes inspiration from Creamcake’s previous Europool series, developed in response to the socio-political upheaval occurring within the European Union of late. With Euromall, Creamcake will place a similar emphasis on progressive action coming out of arts and music communities, “spotlighting grass-roots initiatives, cultural collaborations, and artistic practices” and within that reflect upon the ties that exist between Europe and the United States today.

Through talks and performances, the two-day event will draw together musicians, artists and researchers from the fields of art, law, sociology, politics and media. Euromall will open with a discussion led by sociologist Aleksandra Lakić on recent EU parliamentary elections. Producer FAUNA will provide insight into the “right-wing populist movement of Austria’s FPÖ party and the “Ibiza scandal.”” and AQNB’s Steph Kretowicz will give a specially developed performance exploring “the personal effects of fear, fake-news and new technologies across continents.” Media artist and founder of Centre for Emotional Materiality, Surabhi Saraf will give a sound performance, followed by a night of music at Honey Club, along with Alobhe and DJ Larry.  

Image credit: Salim Bayri’s ‘Road to Schengen’. Video still. Image courtesy the artist and Creamcake, Berlin.

Creamcake’s Euromail will be presented by Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis at the city’s Skyways Center & Honey Club running June 15 & 16, 2019.

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