Sunrise Sunset

Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016, Apr 29 – May 1

26 April 2016

Gallery Weekend Berlin is coming around again, opening on the evening of April 29 and running to May 1.

Below is a selection of some of the events, shows and/or their openings that are extricably a part of the weekend, as well as many more exhibitions and performances that are on outside the official programme and that we recommend you go and see while in the city, regardless.


Przemek Kamiński and Mateusz Szymanówka @ Uferstudios, Apr 29 (21:00)

Anna Barnham @ KW, Apr 30

Hannah Weinberger @ Schinkel Pavillon, Apr 27 – May 1

Sunrise Sunset, a day of performances @ KW, Apr 30


Megan Rooney + Sebastian Black @ Croy Nielsen, Apr 29 – Jun 4

Peles Empire @ WENTRUP, Apr 29 – Jun 16

Hiwa K + Tobias Zielony @ KOW, Apr 29 – Jun 30

Ed Fornieles @ Arratia, Beer, Apr 29 – May 1

Shahryar Nashat + Adam Linder @ Schinkel Pavilion, Apr 27 – May 15

Rachel Harrison @ Kraupa Tuskany-Zeidler, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Richard Phillips @ Matthew Gallery, Apr 29 – Jun 11

Aleksandra Domanović @ Tanya Leighton, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Petra Cortright @ Société, Apr 29


Marlene Stark + Omsk Social Club ft. PUNK IS DADA @ Art von Frei, Apr 29 – May 31

Kate Steciw + Colette  Lumiere @ Neumeister Bar-Am, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Cy Twombly’s photographs @ Galerie Bastian, Apr 29 – July 23

Leon Eisermann @ GILLMEIER RECH, Apr 29 – Jun 11

David Horvitz @ Chert (Ritterstr. 2a), Apr 29 – Jun 11

Setup group show @ Viehhofer Platz 20, Apr 29

Gegen Addiction @ KitKatClub, Apr 29

NEW NOVETA performance @ Sandy Brown, Apr 30

After Aesthetics event @ Bar Babette, Apr 30

Ying Colosseum @ Moritzplatz Roundabout, May 1

Adam Fearon Gyricon book launch @ Broken Dimanche Press, Apr 29, 30 + May 3

The Cable Guys II group show @ Future Gallery, Apr 28 – Jun 11

Aoibheann Greenan performance @ Import Projects, Apr 30

See the Gallery Weekend Berlin website for more.**

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Sunrise Sunset performance @ KW Institut, Apr 30

26 April 2016

A day of performances will accompany the current exhibition, SECRET SURFACE: Where Meaning Materialises at Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art on April 30.

The event is part of the show’s performance programme called Sunrise Sunset which recently featured ‘Clapback’ by niv Acosta that aqnb reviewed earlier this month, and follows a live work, Litmus Shuffle, by Patrick Staff and Cara Tolmie on April 7.

During the day Auto Italia, Anna Barham, Lawrence Lek, Emily Roysdon and Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa will look to hone in on and literalise the relationship between observer and observed. They will be both present and presenting works that focus in on moments where meaning materialises, asking if live art and its participation can act like an object that is treated, embodied and imbued by its maker.

New York-Stockholm based Roysdon has worked with KW to develop the day’s pacing and spatial arrangement. The artist with her collaborators will also perform her ongoing work ‘UNCOUNTED [Performance 7]’, short and intermittent readings of Roysdon’s randomised script in the courtyard, where the street meets the space, while Ramírez-Figueroa will combine bedtime rituals with printmaking in a dreamlike mediative scene as the day comes to a close.

See the KW website for details.**

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Incremental Architecture, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Sultana
Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, ‘Incremental Architecture’ (2015). Courtesy the artist + Galerie Sultana, Paris.


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