New American Noise

29 January 2013

Many consumer electronic brands have attempted to create their own music&arts sponsorship strategies, and Nokia is certainly not new to this. Their latest campaign (or project) comes in a series of mini-profile-documentaries from young American talent titled “New American Noise“.

Originally developed in partnership (and premiered) @ Sundance the 6-episode series covers the new promises coming from NYC’s and their underground alternative rap culture in “Spit Gold Under an Empire“, the strip clubs of Atlanta Dream$, New Orleans’ sissy bounce with That B.E.A.T., Portland’s indie bands via Electric Noise, the soul Lords of Detroit and last but not least, LA’s SFV Acid electro.

Highly recommended mini-episodes that were uploaded to youtube yesterday and which have been directed by people like Emily Kai Bock or our very local Tyrone Lebon. Find an hour in your daily busy routine and give them a go, more info and all clips this way.

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