Stuart Whipps

‘On the Rocks’ @ Attic

8 August 2013

For those in Nottingham, Attic at One Thoresby Street studio and gallery complex is hosting On the Rocks, from August 23 to September 14. A group exhibition featuring Tristan Hessing, Andrew Palmer, Joey Villemont and Stuart Whipps.

There’s not much in terms of information on what to expect but we do like the artists featured and there’s this little blurb caught up in its own masculinity to draw from (below), which would explain the percievably (but one should never assume) all-male line-up:

“Be decisive.

A man should know what he wants from the start.

Decisiveness is an important characteristic that can take you far in life. Be it in the area of work, money or just going on a date, your decisiveness shows confidence and your ability to take charge of situations.
Be firm and fluent.

A real man states what he wants with authority.

A real man doesn’t throw his weight around.
Be considered yet confident.”

See the One Thoresby Street website  for more details. **


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