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18 December 2012

Horror animation is, unfortunately, not that common these days and let’s not mix up Burton & horror animation because¬†Disney has never been about terrifying movies (even if sometimes we have to praise them for including certain obscure elements).

But Isabel Peppard is and her recent “Butterflies” animated short may open the door to many more horrifying stop-motion works.

Conceived as a mix of fiction and personal biopic (to a certain extent) Isabel directs and co-writes the script (with Warwick Burton) for this 12-minute short which took 3 years to make and was premiered earlier on this year @ the Melbourne International Film Fest.

After visiting last autumn’s Sitges festival Butterflies will continue its festival tour throughout next year starting with Sydney’s Flickerfest next month, and hopefully many more European festivals too.¬†To spice things up Oscar-nominated Rachel Griffiths, Nicholas Hope, Henry Nixon and Honey Spence added their voices to the film.

More info & images on their page.

Isabel Peppard working on her stop-motion film Butterflies (image via Butterfliesanimation)
Isabel Peppard working on her stop-motion film Butterflies (image via Butterfliesanimation)

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Bottlecap Swim Park

22 April 2011

Ryan Kothe, who has some kind of stop-motion obsession, is our latest discovery from the vimeo factory, one of those artists with “a lot of spare time”, … enough to build (literally) or create whatever he needs for his videos.

Ryan (a Kiwi graphic designer working in broadcasting) doesn’t need much material to come up with these Beetlejuicesque worlds (extremely condensed, highly communicative pieces). A Canon 550D, a tripod and a few lenses, the rest is all self-created scenarios & situations imagined in his own little cottage.

still from his "Billy Brown's Coupe" short

A rather unique style that you can fully discover on his vimeo page (or by reading this interview @abduzeedo).

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