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New media artist announces ‘prosumer manifesto’.

Nick Briz. Apple Computers.
12 March 2013

Chicago-based new media artist Nick Briz has released an open letter to Apple Inc. petitioning the company to relax its policy of ‘planned obsolescence’. The half-hour pseudo-documentary mimics the interface of his afflicted MacBook Air, features interviews from his peers, and past footage of an idealistic Apple co-founder Steve Jobs elaborating on the ideology of ‘creative copying’ that, Briz claims, the company is now in opposition to.

Becoming known as the ‘default art computer’ for its user-friendly interface and industrial design, Briz and his fellow prosumers highlight that among its good qualities, a rapid updating policy makes past projects, made within the Apple ecosystem inaccessible, while rendering its hardware components obsolete far too frequently. Something not mentioned and worth exploring further is the phenomenal amount of technological waste such a rapid turn-over would produce, which is something photographer Pieter Hugo investigated in his Permanent Error exhibition last year, pointing to a global issue far greater and more urgent than just artistic inconvenience.

You can see the video in full and as intended here.**

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Stay foolish

25 August 2011

Steve Jobs has retired from his throne. A seat at the head of an engineering company who became the most valuable emporium with a designer as a king, as opposed to say… a software company with a royal engineer.

As a practicing designer this brings me mixed feelings, considering that this is the man who has powered perfection and has been rumored to obsess about every typefont, ligature, color and hue value that goes out for production, not to mention the millions of mock ups he approves and rejects, possibly explaining why Jonathan Ive is not always smiling.

Steve Job is arguably the invisible hand of creation and creativity; a gestalt for many designers, artist and the creative types who have spent many fruitful laborious hours in the pursuit of a more aesthetically pleasing world, by choice. Continue reading Stay foolish

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6 June 2011

Apple is loosing its magic and even though some fanboys would probably kill me for stating such obviousness the truth is that Jobs & co haven’t been capable of impressing and wowing the public over the last couple of Developer Conferences.

Today they announced a few catch-ups with the competitors for iOS 5 coming next fall (iMessage, better notifications, over-the-air updates, split keaboard, tab browsing, twitter integration… full video this way) and new few essentials, but having said that they announced the only thing that could really catch our eye… iTunes finally meeting the cloud.

We’ve known about iCloud for months (and expecting it for years) and it has finally arrived. The new free (and underline free) service for Apple users should allow you to automatically download any new music purchased to all your devices over Wi-Fi — or over 3G if you choose. Well, music… and the rest of Apple’s vision of the cloud: including iTunes, Photo Stream, Storage, iBooks, Backup, App Store, and all the MobileMe apps (Contacts, Calendar, Mail) with up to 5GB of storage.

Unfortunately this service is for now only available in the U.S. and if you’re willing to use & synch other music you hadn’t bought via iTunes then you’ll have to purchase the 25$ / year iTunesMatch service (booooo, Spotify does this for free!!).

Not enough storage with 5GB? You can always buy more of course!

A lot of catching up Apple?

rejoice & shout! true notifications are finally here!
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