Jaakko Pallasvuo @ Lima Zulu, Oct 20

16 October 2013

Ever the artist for slightly nihilistic, self-reflexivity, Jaakko Pallasvuo has managed a fascinating practice from his so-called ‘analysis paralysis’, as reflected in one of our favourite aqnb interviews. That’s why he won’t be having a solo exhibition at Lima Zulu on October 20.

Instead, he’ll be holding a one-off, undocumented presentation called Status at the Manor House art space, as resistance to what he seems to think is the exhibition overload of the London art map. The fact it comes at the tail end of Frieze week is surely no a coincidence but we’ll let Pallasvuo speak for himself in the following statement:

“Instead of a solo show I will be holding a one-off, undocumented presentation. This talk will deal with three objects that have emerged through ‘my practice’ but have not graduated into artworks.
1. Swedish dreadlocks
2. Solid bronze ‘primitive’ bluetooth device
3. him_smoking.mp4

The format of this event reflects my understanding that London does not have a need for any more art exhibitions. That the scene could crush with discourse all the things it hasn’t already crushed.
(The alibi for all this talking can be erased. Remove the art. We can speak more freely. A carelessly cultivated personal brand trumps your oil-paint-canvas arrangements, your thoughtful dissertation, your high production value video essays, your leaning installations.)


See the Lima Zulu website for more details.**

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