State of Play

Lumino City – Teaser

30 January 2013

In 2011 we fell in love with LUMEState of Play‘s cardboard creation which grabbed much media & critic attention (IGF finalist) for its hand-made sets and lightning effects, and today we learned that Luke & Katherine are polishing the sequel to their puzzly adventure …. “Lumino City”.

Details are still sparse, and much like Bendito Machine yesterday’s teaser, we know little about the London studio’s new title, besides the size of that waterwheel appearing at the end of the teaser and their decision to introduce mechanic elements that make all background elements feel more natural. Expect the game by late Spring, more details on IG’s website.

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9 August 2011

Point and click is just that.. point and click. Games that usually involve a certain level of complex puzzles to enrich your cursor moving paranoia across the game scenarios.

handmade sets? Yes

State of Play‘s newest creation “Lume”could be considered just that… another nice-looking p&c adventure, but the effort put into the setbuilding (entirely out of paper and cardboard) and the lightning effects make “Lume” a gorgeous short adventure.

You’re Lumi, and the power to your grandad’s house has failed. You’ll have to solve a series of paper puzzles he has mysteriously left for you to help restore the power, and uncover a deeper mystery behind the blackout.  The game is available for Windows or Mac… £5, and the soundtrack is free to download!

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