6 January 2012

While considering a mention on indie game developer Ferzan Kanat Aygen’s new game (and also his new studio) Shadow of a Soul (we’ll talk about it another day when theres more substance), we came across this dark sci-fi adventure from South African lands: Stasis.

Besides IndegamesMag not much buzz has been created around the sci-fi game with clear ALIEN influences (just have a look at the trailer) the developer team themselves admitted in an interview using the discovery of the Space Jockey as a seed for the game.

Level 2 of The Hawking is Maracheck’s home
Level 2 of The Hawking is Maracheck’s home

Stasis, conceived as a survival-sci-fi adventure, tells the story of John Maracheck, a man searching for his family, in a seemingly abandoned research facility. Going back to classic adventure game mechanics, you have to solve puzzles, and use objects around you to progress, and to find Marachecks family.

The name of the game comes from the suit Maracheck wears… which gives you direct access to an Emergency Medical Kit. A piece of equipment that has the ability to break down any object of a certain weight and size into its base elements, and store it for future use. While normally it is used to store small medical supplies, Maracheck uses it as an easy way to keep and transport found objects. Objects can be stored, accessed, combined, and brought back into the ‘real’ world at any moment.

No release date so far, although we know that even if very little of the game has been completed (Chris B mentioned around 5%) the whole storyline has been written and the first version may be free and self-published. All we can do at this point is wait and see… maybe their blog & newsletter will ease our pain.

Airlock Inner Screenshot - Stasis
Airlock Inner Screenshot - Stasis
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Stasis by Chirs Dorosz

19 September 2009
stasis 33 (the dunlevies)

Chirs Dorosz is an Canadian artist who actuallly works and maintains a studio practice in San Francisco where he teaches at the Academy of Art University. He’s got famous for his works with paint drops, a form that takes shape not from a brush or any human-made implement or gesture, but purely from its own viscosity and the air it falls through..

stasis 13
grand tour
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